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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Albania!

Albania is a small country on Southeastern Europe’s peninsula that shares its borders with Greece. The wide population of this country covers Muslim community and Catholics. Most of the people here speak its official language Albanian and some of them even use Greek. A few mass is familiar with French or English too. They are too blessed with a wide mass of tourism walking in and have a plenty of natural resources including gold, chrome ore, nickel.

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  • The economy of Albania is profitably flipped from a centralized economy to a market-based economy that inhabits free markets. The Gross Domestic Product per capita stands at $6,132 and the mass of the population is involved in Agriculture, Industry, and services. People here exchange Albanian lek for business and the country is still developing.
  • The weather of Albania experience mild rains on the coast and a cold wind in mountain areas. The weather fluctuates time to time and so does the attires. People prefer wearing casual clothes and tend to cover their shoulders while visiting mosques and churches. Albania photographs the best scenery with its landscapes along with its fairy-tale towns and magnificent eye-catching views.
  • The gorgeous beaches in Albania explore wide with the sun melting in its arms. The sunsets in Albania are the best to capture. People living here prefer outdoor activities along with a cup of coffee which is actually its integral part. People here dynamically visit cafes to quench the need for it and then follow their daily routines.
  • On weekends people visit historic museums to explore their ancestors and discover more. People here are very much interested in history and they follow ethics Mother Teresa who was an Albanian. A lot of people spend their time watching football or watching wrestling.

Like the beauty of nature, the beauty of people is amazingly beautiful too. The beauty that lies within the people is different. People here are very hostile and helpful. People here love to crack jokes and may act very friendly. From Smart brains to quick learners, Albanians equip all the qualities when it comes to intelligence. They usually shake hands in a first meet or may kiss your cheek four times to greet you. The nodding of the head for a “no” and “yes” is completely opposite in Albanians.

They enjoy long walks and deep conversations. These people are the best hosts one can have as they have a real open heart when it comes to hosting. One can easily find Albanian raki and beverages on the table during a dine. Gifting any sharp object to them is considered impolite here and one should always keep this thing in mind while buying a gift.

A woman in Albania is considered to be inexpressibly beautiful with an amazing jawline that can make any man get stuck to her lips while she speaks. Women here are usually blonde with hazel iris that they prefer to adorn with beautiful makeup. This makes their eyes look like a deep ocean. Along with the superior beauty, women also holds traditional values which make them a blend of perfection. From dramatic makeup to big pouty lips, there is something unusual yet so attractive about Albanian women. They are more inclined towards a masculine man who can give her freedom and equal importance. She can be highly insecure at times but will make sure you love her till the last.

Albanian men are kind and generous with a trait of self-love. An Albanian man could be easily found grooming himself for hours in front of the mirror and thus he would like to see the same traits in a woman. An Albanian man prefers to date a lady who can take care of herself and gives equal importance to her health.

They are very loyal to their friends and also confide in them. They are highly expressive. One would never feel the communication gap while dating an Albanian guy. But, it is equally important to be responsive to his gestures and make him feel important. No one in a relationship holds a dominance, It’s the love that succeeds over one another.

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