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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Algeria!

Dating has become a trend, isn’t it? But what about dating someone having a different shape than that of your country on the world’s map. It’s always interesting to date someone from some other country. To know about them, their culture and lifestyle are pretty amazing. Algeria is located in North Africa, with its national holiday being termed as “Revolution Day”. A huge mass of people following Islam resides in the country which holds a huge area proportion of the world. People write and communicate in Arabic with a strong belief in God and culture.


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The country is not so sound as far as the economy is considered. The country rarely faces a dearth of oil or any natural resources being the growing exporters that export natural resources worldwide. The country is freaking hot with a temperature even recorded as Sixty degree Celsius during the summers. People rarely step out of their houses and cover them completely to safeguard from burning tans. There are long stretched deserts that get cooled down at night. The sand reflects shining lights with camels walking straight. The Park national holds virgin flora and fauna always breaks people stereotypes of people about Algeria as a complete dry country with no vegetation.

A life for any “commoner” in Algeria is struggling when it comes to working out and keeping up with expenses. There are people who work during office hours and even after that. So basically they actually work a lot to cope up with the living standards in Algeria. Unlike any common day, a weekend is always a bliss for Algerians. Holding sharp minds Algerians are really fast to win through a “check n mate”. Yes, a lot of them love playing chess from a beginning of their age. Seems like learned by them just before they were born. There is a diversity of people in Algeria.

There are people who are reserved and then those who turn up friendly to strangers quite quick. There is a certain “unpredictable” trait that exists in Algerians. It is often difficult to get open in a first meeting, but gradually the dots are always connected. Algerians follow a strict routine and never compensate with their work. A working day for them is never a day “off” just because they want to spend an extra hour on the bed.

They always prefer hard work and people with the same quality always attract them. There is something not so familiar about Algerian women eyes. Actually, it speaks a lot. Algerian women have beautiful eyes accompanied with an even more beautiful smile. There is a certain essence of pride that Algerian women hold in their origin. Undoubtedly following their religion, they always respect what God has given them. It is often expected to talk within limits with them.

They have a certain level of seriousness about “love” and considers it to be the purest. They are the best homemakers and dedicate all of their life to family, culture, and love. Men from Algeria are hard working. Holding a certain secret nature, it is often difficult for them to trust someone completely in just a couple of meetings. They strongly believe in matching the souls and prefer dating someone who can adjust with their lifestyle.

All Algerian men are more inclined towards their families and always want his women to accept them. It Is not very difficult to take the relationship a further step with Algerian men as they themselves believe in being with the person completely and being monogamous. Being clannish in a relationship, Algerian men would never want any external interference. Relationships with Algerians are very serious. Either they will take it forever or will never start it, there is nothing in between.

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