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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Australia!

Australia follows a western culture which is derived popularly from Britain. It is a predominantly Christian country and has no official state religion. The country has no specific language but most of its population speaks English. It holds a pride to be a multicultural nation. This country has one of the strongest economies with a GDP per capita of 67,000 dollars approximately.

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Australia has a varying weather all over its states. It has seasons opposite to that in the northern hemisphere. So basically a winter in the north is a summer there. People usually need to decide on the clothes they want to wear according to the state in Australia they travel to. The beauty of the country can uplift souls. Australia is no less than second heaven and the pink lake Lake Hillier adds the beauty to it.

The people here usually have an informal lifestyle, students refer to their teachers by their first name and they are weirdly specific about coffee. They strongly believe in "fair-go", and in the equality. People here are highly punctual and they strictly follow the rules. They are mannered and prefer cleanliness. They are the best helping hands when one actually needs it. The youth of Australia is highly creative and energized. Lamingtons is always the second love of any Australian and they have a special corner for insects. To them, the spiders and lizards are not really creepy.

Australian women are approachable. Women here love to go and enjoy at a party instead of staying back at home. Women always like guys who can make them laughs and can strike a good abstract conversation. They always exhibit a care-free attitude and hold a happy-go-lucky spirit. All women don’t look the same blonde due to a high ratio of immigrants and thus we can not segregate one on the basis of look. On the other hand, unlike women, Australian men have a keen interest in sports and may prefer staying back and watching it. Australian men prefer dating girls who are bold in nature.

It is expected to strike a conversation politely as people here have an open mind and do not mind turning to acquaintances from strangers. The man doesn’t always have to pay here often on a date. The woman of this country suggests carrying their own expenses. People here can’t get enough of Aussie couples like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt which inspires people to fall in love more often.

The song "Into my arms" by an Australian artist Nick Cave attracts the attention of a number of couples in Australia. It is a true fact that some people in Australia have a larrikin attitude. Australian people can actually make someone laugh until death. Aussies enjoy drinking beer and love spending time playing with their girls. Usually, they have a beautiful accent and whatever they speak thus sounds better. If an Australian ask you to accompany it doesn't mean they are interested in you, sometimes people are confusing and this may lead to misunderstandings. So while dating an Australian it’s a mandate to understand the conversation without having any pre-assumption. While falling for any relationship with an Australian it is important to be independent and stay trustworthy.

Something that may make you feel uncomfortable with an Australian is that they swear a lot over anything and everything. Just in case if someone calls you "bub" Don’t get panic. He/ She is addressing you as a baby and you surely have a chance to strike the further conversation.

The best part about this country is the behavior of people here, they might be blunt in cases but would never talk about you at your back. You can always count on them and love them with no fear.

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|Published on September 28, 2019