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Bangladesh-the land which is located in the southern part of Asia amidst the sacred Ganges river which is known as the River Padma on the Bay of Bengal. Surrounded by three countries in the west, north, and east, it also experiences a thin border with Myanmar as well in the South East.

The colonial country was also the victim of the treacherous rule of the British for many years. After breaking the shackles from the barbarian rule of the ruthless Britishers, the people finally gained freedom in the year of 1947. However, the due to the partition it was named as East Pakistan. Mostly dominated by the Bengali spoken people, the country follows other religions as well- Buddhism, Islam.


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Agriculture forms the basic part of economy where the people prefer to have fish almost twice a day. However, the export is very minimal compared to other countries. If you are planning be a part of a peaceful and serene vacation among the traditional lifestyle of village people, then you must visit Bangladesh where the cities would make your visit worthwhile. The weather is generally moderate and the best time to visit is October- March.

A splendid seaside town which holds the record for the longest constant beach in the world- Cox’s Bazar. More of a fishing town and less of a handicraft place, the place is a must visit for all the tourists. The capital of Bangladesh has many historical monuments like the Pink palace, Lalbag fort, Balgha gardens.

If you love adventure and wildlife, then Khulna is a must visit after Dhaka where you can get to the regions of Sunderbans and spent nights surrounded by mangroves and Royal Bengal Tiger. You can also collect honey from the Sundarbans and take them back to your home and have them for breakfast.

The people of Bangladesh are very enthusiastic about sports. Normally they follow cricket and have their cricket team has been quite famous for the last few years. Being underdogs for any tournament, they have been successful in creating shocking defeat to the mighty stalwarts of the game. Then comes Kabaddi which is the traditional sport of the Bangladesh. Strength, mentality, thought process, quick reflexes are the few qualities one must possess before taking the opponent in this game. Hockey is also one of the major sports played here, however due to lack of administration, the sport is on the verge of neglect.

Folk art is one of the oldest arts in the world and this land boasts of it. You would be able to connect to the ancient times once you start enjoying this divine form of art. The art is a symbol of beauty and pristine culture. It takes into consideration the gifts of nature which has some true and spiritual meaning.

There are many dances practiced here along with some influences from the Indian sub-continent like the Bharatnatyam and Kathak. The lyrics of the songs depict the true devotion and holiness. Mostly the songs revolve around love and bonding. Famous traditions of music include - Baul and Bhatiali which can be heard when you take a boat ride deep into the village.

Bangladesh came into existence after 1971 after the name of East Pakistan was changed. It has the world’s largest delta and abode of mangroves. This is the only country which fought a war and gained independence over language. The people mainly prefer tea as the main beverage. Who can refrain from the famous Rosogolla and traditional misti doi once you land up here? Making of Pithas (rice cakes) and also giving them to relatives is one of the main tradition among the Bengalis here which takes place during the reaping season. The people here love food and music very much and they prefer normally traditional and folk songs.

People are very friendly in nature and the Bengalis wait for the whole year for the famous festival- Durga Puja which is celebrated for ten days. The Muslims celebrate the different Eid with great splendor. The women normally prefer to wear sari while the dressing of men varies. So, don’t just sit back in your couch and dream of visiting these famous and historical places.

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|Published on September 28, 2019