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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Chile!

Chile. The Land of poets. Chile has a mixed population of the Germans, Mapuche and Spanish people, mostly the European clan of people. Tea first people to come and settle down in Chile were Native Americans. This varied clan of people have resulted in a very colorful blend of people in the country. However, 70% of the people are Catholics. People of Chile are thoughtful, romantic and peace loving. Hence, it is also called the Land of poets at times. The country is characterized by dry and hot summers and wet and cool winters. It has a subtropical maritime climate in general.

The country's capital, Santiago is one of the first places you will be introduced to. Marked by a number of skyscrapers and buildings, you will be left awe struck in the first glance. The district Bellavista serves the best food and is full of lovely restaurants and eating places. If you are in Chile, you need to visit Vina Del Mar, which is perfect for day trips and resorts. Chile is blessed with a diverse landscape that ranges from deserts to water bodies and straits. Visit the Atacama desert, the Chilean Island, Cape horn and Strait of Magellan.


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Chilean food is one of the main attractions of the country. Pastel de Choclo or corn pie, Empanada de pino which is a stuffed pastry, Churrasco sandwich and other baked and fried stuff are some of the must tries when you are in Chile. Chile people love soccer. Football is the most played game in Chile. They also like playing tennis, hiking, camping and cycling. People love partying in Chile. As the sun goes down, you would witness a completely different side of the Chilean crowd. They go out to clubs and pubs and chill all night until dawn.

Chile is unique in its geographical location and landscape. You find Atacama desert, the driest place of earth. The country has a poem reading and writing tradition for ages. This is probably why Chile is called the Land of poets. Chilean guys are party lovers. If you want to date someone like that, you are in for a lot of parties and gatherings. They love being tidy and clean. You would probably be introduced to all kind of Chilean band music and crazy dance steps. Chilean men love PDA so be ready for a lot of selfies and dates.

Chilean girls are sweet and eats going. They are not after stability all the time so you stand a chance even if you are not that well established till then. You can generally start with online dating. If things progress, they are cool with offline dating as well. A typical date in Chile involves a couple, a good restaurant and a lot of talking over dinner. If you are an American, don’t think you will have an upper hand as Chilean girls don’t worship Americans as such.

Chilean people believe in long term relationships and are very flexible with long distance relationships as well. The normal population of Chile is hardworking and dedicated to their work. They are happy and easy going people who love to maintain relations with their immediate friends and family. Though as an outsider you might think at times that it is breach of privacy, but this is how the Chilean people express their love and care. Chile might be dry and hot but the romance in the air makes it bloom for ages.

Men and women are sweet and lovable. You can probably find your correct match with patience, efforts and love. Start your conversations today, come to Chile and fall in love.

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