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China, being the thickly settled country is situated in the eastern part of Asia. With 1.4 Billion of a population to its credit, it is well-known as the most populated country on the globe. It also tops the list by being the third/fourth largest country in terms of the area it inhabits. China possesses a rich culture and heritage since the ancient times, and it has a great inclination towards the principles and philosophies of Confucianism. In fact, the Chinese have refined many of their conservative and traditional practices such as land related practices and educational moves while certain others such as family connected features and etiquettes were largely secured. In terms of China’s economy, all along it has been a well-planned mixed economy and creation of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) too adds to its credit.

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The present-day China holds a mixed economy based on privatization. Currently, China is laying a great stance on Industries related to the power sector and others. On a global scale, China is an active member of World Trade Organization and it is also a receiver of Foreign Direct Investments with a huge revenue.

The climate of China constitutes majorly seasons, that are dry and wet, that exhibit major variations between summer and winter. It shows up with a composite topography that ends up paving the way for variations in climatic conditions from place to place. China indeed constitutes many spectacular cities such as its own capital Beijing, also known as Peking, that has popular tourist sites such as The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace and the Great Wall of China too is at its nearest to Beijing. Shanghai is the major city of China well-known as the highly busiest port meant for shipping on the globe. Guangzhou, the largest manufacturing unit in China sports popular fairs such as the Canton fair.

Macau is one such mini cities as that of the others popular for its spectacular life during night hours, casinos, architecture etc., Usually the Chinese cuisine comprises of varied dishes since they are in love with their food that entices them to various social interactions. Basically, the Chinese food consists of their traditional menu to do with vegetable, grains, starches and meat, etc.

The unique Chinese cuisine includes Zhejiang, Shandong, Cantonese, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Hunan, etc. They in fact instil popular cooking methods meant for food therapy wherein cooked food is equivalent to medicine. In order to showcase the fitness criteria, the Chinese are more acquainted with sports, games and other related activities. Basketball being the most lovable game, there are numerous associations formed to encourage the players of Basketball towards the Chinese Super League. The other activities include martial arts, snooker, table tennis, badminton, swimming etc. Since China is inclined against the concepts such as dating, therefore even if there are such instances it is extremely rare.

The Chinese are mainly dedicated towards work and other hardships and rarely the nationals encourages such uncommon practices. Some unique things about China are papermaking that was invented by them; compass that we make use of today was also invented by Chinese long time ago. The other unique inventions of Chinese include, printing, silk making, etc.

The other greats about China are The Great Wall of China, that can be seen clearly from space, it’s got the oldest ever civilization, the popular ever martial arts were practiced by Chinese since ages. China also has yesteryears romantic stories connected to its history, one of them is the romance between Emperor Tang Xuanzong and his counterpart Yang Yuhuan and there are many others too that adds to the romantic nectar of China.

The Chinese also have many handsome individuals when it comes to boys and pretty, gorgeous girls who are extremely smart as well. The well-known habits of Chinese include those such as their hard work and dedication towards work. This is one such country that is diligent enough in every task they take up and they do train and bring up the younger generation with the same tempo.

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|Published on September 28, 2019