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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Colombia!

Republic of Colombia or Colombia is located in the northwest part of South America with some of its regions in Central America. It shares a boundary with Brazil and Venezuela in the east, Panama in the northwest, and Peru and Ecuador in the south. The name Colombia is given after the name of Christopher Columbus. As per its position, it was the gateway of human migration of earlier times from Caribbean and Mesoamerica to the Andes and the Amazon basin. It has a very rich archeological history from the Paleo-Indian period.

Bogota is the capital of Colombia with Spanish as its official language. Economically, Colombia is growing rapidly. It started in late 20th century. The climate of Colombia is considered to be a tropical and isothermal (without any real change of season). It is warm and humid because of its close proximity with the equator. The equator has crossed the southern part of this country. There are different types of climate in the different parts of the country although in each of them there is very small variation of temperature throughout the year. Altitude is the main reason behind the difference of climates in different parts of the country.


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Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Santa Marta and Pereira are amongst the most famous cities of this country. If you want to experience the best restaurants and nightlife of Colombia, you must travel to Bogota. This is very lively city with very lively people. Medellin is considered to be the most vibrant city of Colombia. If you are a hippy by heart Medellin is the place for you. You will find this city very trippy and psychedelic with its vibrant colors. Another city you must visit in Colombia is Cartagena. It has the best flavor of tropical climate. It is a beautiful city with beautiful houses covered with flowers and greenery. Playa Banca a gorgeous beach with white sand is a must visit when you are in Cartagena.

If you are planning a Colombian holiday then you must visit Eje Cafetero, Leticia, Tayrona national Natural Park, Providencia Island and Mompox at least once. You will also find a very surreal and picturesque hidden city called ‘the lost city’ in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains which was built by the Tayrona Indians between 8th and 14th century. Football or Futbol is the most popular sport of Colombia. Total three million players and over 2500 registered clubs are there IN Colombia according to FIFA. Copa Colombia and the Colombian super league are two domestic cups that are played in Colombia. Cycling is also very common among the youths of the country. Now a days Colombia has a booming shopping infrastructure. Big brands are investing in big cities like Bogota and Medellin.

Colombia is also a very unique country. If you are planning to give a visit to Colombia, you will be fascinated after listening to some of the interesting facts about Colombia. Here are some unique facts that you must know:-

  • Colombia has the most endemic (Species that exists in only one country) species in the world.
  • 1/3 of Colombia is covered with Amazon rainforest.
  • Bogota has one of the biggest bicycle routes in the world.
  • Saying ‘no’ is considered to be rude by the Colombians.
  • You will find pink dolphins in Colombia In Colombia, it is okay for the children to drink copy
  • At 6pm and 6am, it is mandatory to play national anthem in television and radio.

Colombia has a very fascinating romantic life. The people over there are very romantic. They are pretty direct about their approach. So, if you are dating a boy or a girl in Colombia make sure that you will get a very good response. If you are liked by them, they will always message you and call you at any point of time. Another good thing about Colombian dating is that you will learn to dance if you are dating someone there. Dancing is a very significant fact about the Colombian culture. If will be hard for you to date if you hate dancing.

Colombia is a country with beautiful people. They are not only beautiful in outside but in inside also. They have a heart of gold. Colombian people have very beautiful ways to express their love to others.

Well, Colombia was used to be a very violent country. But it has gone through a renaissance and now it has emerged as a very beautiful and peace loving country. So, pack your bags and plan a trip to Colombia to experience a charming and colorful culture that you have never experienced before.

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|Published on September 28, 2019