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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Denmark!

Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark is an independent sovereign state in Europe. It is a Nordic country and one of the Scandinavian countries of the southernmost nations. It shares its border with Sweden in southwest, and; Germany and Norway to its south. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen and its official language is Danish. There is a controversy regarding the name of Denmark. The most accepted fact is, it is derived from the word Den meaning cave and the meaning of the mark is woodland and borderland. Denmark has a very rich history of Vikings. From 8th to 10th century it was a very healthy source of Vikings. Every part of Europe was raided and colonized by them. It has a very stable economic condition according to World Bank. It is considered to be the second peaceful country in the world.


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The climate of Denmark is cold in winter and mild in summer. The western part of the country experiences Atlantic climate while the eastern part of the country has the continental influenced climate. In most of the places in Denmark the temperature doesn’t get affected by the day-night cycle. February is the coldest month of Denmark when the temperature drops down to 0 degrees and July is the warmest month when the temperature rises up to 17 degrees. November is the wettest month of Denmark. Most of the downpour occurs at this time. The average annual rainfall of Denmark is 61 cm.

Copenhagen experiences almost 170 days of rainfall. Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Esbjerg are some of the famous cities of Denmark. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark has some really beautiful harbors. It also consists of some of the coziest cafes of the world. The architecture of Copenhagen is also very fascinating. It has also a rich historical significance. Alborg is one of the hidden gems of Denmark. It has an old world charm of quaint and pristine university town. If you are a shutterbug, this is a place for you. You will find some amazing locations which will tell you the old and prosperous history of the Vikings. Esbjerg is another city that you must visit if you are making a plan to visit Denmark. It is a humming port city that will provide you with some amazing landscapes and if you are an entertainment freak, this city has a lot to offer you.

If you are making an arrangement to visit Denmark, make sure that you will visit Rabjerg mile, Skagen, Mols Bjerg national park, Fur Island, Rold forest and Moaning bay. These are some places that will make you fall in love with Denmark.

You will find uniqueness is in every nook and corner of Denmark. So, if you are thinking about going to Denmark then you must know some of the unique facts of Denmark which will boost up your urge to give a visit to the country. Here are some interesting facts about Denmark:-

  • Denmark is considered to be the happiest country in the world.
  • The Danish flag is the oldest state flag in the world which is still in use.
  • Denmark is considered to the most liberal country in the world.
  • The Danish monarchy is the oldest continuing monarchy of the world.
  • You can never be 52 km away from the sea.
  • Education and healthcare is free in Denmark.

A wide variety of sporting and leisure are enjoyed by the Danish people. Soccer is very popular in Denmark. Along with that, cycling and swimming are also enjoyed in Denmark. It has a booming national film industry. The music of Denmark is also very rich. It hosts the biggest music festival of northern Europe, the Roskilde festival.

The dating culture of Denmark is very interesting. Here are some tips about how to date in Denmark.

  • Approaching a girl at bus stop is considered to me insane unless you or the girl is drunk.
  • Flirting is considered to be a good thing in Denmark.
  • You don’t have to pay for everything if you are dating, just pay for something because gender equality is a big thing in Denmark.
  • Try to be yourself. Brush up your Danish language skill.
  • Women there, find it very Charming and seductive.

The Danes are said to aesthetically superior when it comes to the case of beauty. They are very beautiful and charming by nature. Being happy is the main factor that works as a positive catalyst which further glorifies their beauty.

So, if you want to experience a beautiful, peaceful and an enhancing travel experience, Denmark is a place for you. You will find solace in Denmark and it will also quench the thirst of your Wanderlust from which you are suffering right now.

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|Published on September 28, 2019