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Life may be tough sometimes, but it becomes the toughest when you have no one to talk your heart through. It is a bliss to find someone who is not just your mate in happiness but someone who holds your hand at the difficult times and show you the best way. It’s not always difficult to find a perfect match, maybe he’s somewhere across the seas. Someone who wants to know about you shows an interest in your culture and do not judge you for what you are.

Ecuador is a country lodged in northwestern South America. Holding high heritage of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization aka UNESCO the country is a cynosure to the people of the whole world. Cultures in this country don’t really stick to one, a bunch of religions followed by a number of cultures is mingled in collaboration with one another.


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They come together speaking a single language Spanish. People in this country come from all classes. There are poor’s and there are riches too. The country receives its highest economic growths from its exports. The winds are seasonal in Ecuador. Derived from “Equator” the country has a fine division that experiences diverse climate throughout the year. It may rain in one place while the other receives soothing warm winds. It’s not very predictable when it comes to clothing as the sudden rains raise the temperature thus people always keep themselves ready with all the essentials.

The country encompasses a unique variety of flora and fauna. The vegetation expands a personified beauty that gives an existence to new organisms and reveals the truth of birth of several cocoons turning into butterflies. Sangay National park reserves wildlife in the best way in is a site to watch. The mountains in this country attract a lot of people to discover it. People who live in Ecuador are very active and spend a lot of their time in discovering nature. A lot of youth are attracted by amateur video games and spend their time watching television shows. There is a trend of Yarabi music that follows throughout the country, which makes people wobble their feet and spend time enjoying their moves.

There is a keen interest of people in FIFA who sit long hours watching it. People of this country are alluring. There are no doors that stop you from opening with an Ecuadorian person as they love to greet new people and accept them. They are very funny and stand a greater chance of making you laugh when no one else can.

They do not really make quick judgments and they like spending enough time to know about each other. It's somehow irritating to them when people do not identify them as “Ecuadorians”. It is often comfortable with them boozing irrespective of the sex. They always show a keen interest in knowing about cultures and religions that are guests to their country. Women here are a good combination of beauty and brains. They hold an astonishing beauty that one just cannot replicate. It’s often easy for them to come to you and ask your name straight away. Women of Ecuador like men who are masculine and take a chance in asking her out with no second thoughts. They are cooperative and adjustable.

Men of Ecuador are blessed with a really good height. Like very tall that one cannot really reach his hair if he is short. With most of them growing around seven feet and holds an open heart. They are very masculine and do not like when someone else flirts with his lady. They at times praise you with extra words to uplift your confidence and make you stand in the crowd. Beauty really attracts them. This not only counts for beautiful girls but people with beautiful heart and intelligent minds. Love is the most important feeling in a relationship which has to accompanies with care, affection, and satisfaction.

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|Published on September 28, 2019