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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is a country which is situated in southeastern Europe. It shares its border with Romania to the north, Macedonia and Siberia in the west and Turkey and Greece to the South. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and it is also the biggest city of Bulgaria. People of Bulgaria speak in Bulgarian language. The name Bulgaria is derived from the world Bulgars, a tribe of Turkic origin found in this country. The economy of Bulgaria is mostly dependent on services and it is followed by industries like machine building and mining. Agriculture is also an important part of Bulgarian Economy.


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Like any other central European countries, this country enjoys a continental climate. It has hot summers, long and cold winters and very distinct seasons. From December to Mid-March, this country experiences abundant snowfall, especially in the mountainous region of Bulgaria. The annual average temperature depends on the latitude. It varies between 8 degrees in north and 11 degrees in south. In mountains, the average temperature is 2.6 degrees and in plains it is 12 degrees. The average rainfall of this country is 700 mm. More rainfall occurs in mountains than coastal regions of the country.

Sofia, Varna, Pleven, Balchik, Plovdiv are amongst the most famous cities of Bulgaria. Plovdiv is considered to be the 6th best city of the world. It has some amazing architectures. You will find some delicious foods in this city. It is a very peaceful city with good hospitable people. Sofia, the capital of this country is one of the oldest cities of the world. It became the capital of Bulgaria in 1879. It is a very cheap city to stay unlike other European capitals. Veliko Tarnovo is another famous city of Bulgaria. It is a majestic city with Tsarevets fortress which signifies the Bulgarian dignity and history.

If you are planning a trip to Bulgaria, make sure that you must visit Plovdiv, Nesebar, Bansko, Veliko Tarnovo and Burgas. These are some picturesque places with breathtaking beauty. You will find solace and inner peace of you travel to these places. These places have many things to offer.

It is a country with unique things. So, knowing about some unique facts about a country make the tour more positive and interesting. Here are some unique facts that you must go through before traveling to this place:-

  • It is the home of Yogurt
  • It is the 2nd biggest exporter of Rose oil.
  • This is the oldest country in Europe.
  • It is the 2nd largest producer of wine.
  • This has a 98% literacy rate.
  • Bulgarians shake their head when they say yes and nod their heads when they no.
  • Shopska, the Bulgarian salad is considered to be the best food in Europe.
  • Bulgarians celebrate a holiday called Baba Marta on 1st march each of the year.
  • Rakia, an alcoholic beverage is the national drink of Bulgaria.
  • One-third of the country is covered in Forest.

Skiing is the most popular sport here. The season lasts from December to April. Climbing, Hiking, mountain biking and caving are also famous in Bulgaria. Bulgarian people love to watch football. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria has many museums and historical monuments. People there enjoy opera, classical music, discos and pub.

Dating life here is much like any other countries. Men as well as women here are very strong and sensitive. They love the effort, if someone is trying to make them happy and feel loved. If you love travelling, you will find the place very interesting. It is a country with lot of things. If you are suffering from Wanderlust, you will find happiness in Bulgaria. So, hurry up and give a visit to this amazing place as soon as possible.

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|Published on September 28, 2019