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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Croatia!

Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia is situated at the intersection of southeast and Central Europe, on the Adriatic Sea. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. People of Croatia speak in Croatian language. The name of Croatia is derived from the Medieval Latin Cro?tia. The history of Croatia is significantly vast. It got its independence in 1991 and became a member of United Nations in 1992. In 2013, it entered the European Union. The economy of Croatia is vastly dominated by service, industrial sectors and agriculture.


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Tourism is also a very important part of its economy. It is amongst the top 20 popular destinations of the world. Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula and Split are amongst the famous cities of Croatia. Dubrovnik or ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’ is considered to be one of the best cities here.

It is a gorgeous city with some breathtaking beauties. If you want to enjoy a peaceful and majestic holiday, Dubrovnik is a place for you. If you are a History enthusiast Zadar has many things to offer you. You will find some amazing Roman ruins and a vast number of historic buildings. This city has a charm of its own. Sisak is a very important city of Croatia in terms of culture, economy and history. It is located on the banks where three rivers joined. The triangular fortress from 16th century is one of the major attractions of this place.

If you want to explore this place fruitfully, you must visit to Krka National park, Pula, Korcula, Plitvice National park and Dubronvik. These places will satisfy your eyes, heart and brain. You will be mystified by travelling to these places. These places will make you calm and relaxed. Croatia is divided into two climatic regions namely the Mediterranean climate region and Continental climate region. The coasts and islands of Croatia are that is from Istria to Kvarner in the North to Dalmatia in the South falls under Mediterranean climate region.

The temperature here varies from 24 degrees to 26 degrees in summer. In winter the average temperature of this region lies between 2 degrees in the north and 9 degrees in the south. The interior of Croatia that is Zagreb and Slavonia falls under continental climatic zone. It is far away from the coast. Here, July is considered to be the hottest month with an average temperature of 22 degrees. In winter the temperature of this place drops down to 0 degrees to -2 degrees.

It is a country with lot of uniqueness. Before going to Croatia, you must know the unique facts of this country. It will make your journey more interesting. Here are some interesting facts about the place that you must know:-

  • It has the largest swamp in Europe.
  • With only 20 habitats, Croatia has the smallest town in the world.
  • It produces olive oil with gold in it.
  • This country has the narrowest street in the world.
  • It enjoys 2715 hours of sunlight.
  • Necktie is invented by the Croatians.

Football is one of the popular sports of the people here. People of Croatia also enjoy basketball. Zagreb is considered to be the main cultural center of Croatia. It has 18 theatres and 12 concert halls. Opera, Concert, Ballet and theatre are vastly enjoyed by Croatian people.

Dating life of Croatia is very simple and liberal. People there, are very open minded. To date Croatian people, you must have knowledge about the Croatian culture and the Balkans. You must be passionate about your life goals. Most of the Croatian people are Hedonists who enjoy good things in life. So, we can say that this place is a potboiler for tourists. It has many things to offer. You will find yourself if you ever visit to Croatia. So, pack your bags a make a visit to this beautiful and peaceful country.

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|Published on September 28, 2019