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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Russia!

Russia repletes a nation with diversities and holds the first position being the largest country in the world which have a geographical area more than 6.6 million sq. miles. The country holds a visual cultural past and is laden with bright colors. The dominant religion of the country is Christianity those including Evangelicalism and Catholicism. People in mass use Russian as the language while Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Tatar, and other languages are also in the trend. The artistic culture of this country including the immense reservation of natural resources has contributed to the economic growth of Russia. The country exports its crude oil to other countries which have made the leading global suppliers of black gold and is marking a constant growth in its economic chart with respect to time.


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Top 12 Incredible Facts about Russia!

The weather of this place disparate distinctively between winters and summers. People here insist on wearing bright colors that believe in emitting happiness even in the dark winters. They follow a strict meal chart with regards to time and prefer eating a lot of potatoes. One can always find bread in a Russian hosts table which is not any usual bread but dark colored bread known as “black bread”. This country accounts for beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts and ethnic villages where city Moscow is the apple of Russia’s eye.

Russian people prefer waking up early and follow their usual routine to the office. Families serve porridge as a usual practice at breakfast and plump to discuss themselves. Russians love outdoor recreations and spending a day off out with their family in summer houses. Honey dipped pancakes and piroshky ( a special type of pastries) can refresh any Russian’s mood.

A Russian man will always promote modern views towards a woman and will treat her with equality. He would look for simple yet a smart girl, who can make him fall for her. He would always look for a companion who is caring not only towards him but towards his family too. He will be extremely romantic on dates and will never let his lady pay bills. He will always appreciate even if his lady does things all odd at cooking. He can be a magician when things go wrong and will try fixing it by your side.

A Russian woman holds an everlasting beauty with radiant skin that she would never flaunt about. The blue and hazel iris of any Russian woman can make a man lose his control and fall in love at first sight. A Russian woman is always an epitome of loyalty and dedication. She would be the best homemaker than any other woman and would never prefer her kids to be taken care of by any maid. A Russian woman loves cooking for her beloved and takes care of her family very seriously. When it comes to dating, she shall always look for a guy who is well settled, so that he can meet her parents to take their relationship further next step. She would never like to date a chatterbox but will always want her partner to be expressive. So, in order to call for a relationship you need to be really very smart.

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Russian people are opening minded and it is easy to talk your mind through. There is a culture of unspoken gifts while going for the first meeting and it is often expected to bring gifts. The gift may be as small as chocolates or pastries though. If any Russian utter “Ya lyublyu tebya” (I LOVE YOU) then he would actually mean it and the best part is that he would teach you to reply back. It is important here for anyone to build up faith in a relationship and working through all ups and downs to come across all the misunderstanding.

The key to any relationship with a Russian is the silent conversation that is the power of understanding each other in the toughest and the happiest times. A small misunderstanding may break the relationship in one go but understanding each other would help the relationship last long and even forever.

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