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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Venezuela!

Venezuela. The Land of beauty. Named after the Venezuelan coast, Venezuela was one of the first Spanish American colonies which became independent in 1830. Venezuela is known for its art and culture that has been highly influenced by the Caribbean way of living. It’s art and culture has also been influenced by Americans and Africans. Venezuela is a very interesting a country in the sense that it is home to some of the weirdest and rarest animals. It is rich in minerals and resources that form a great part of export to other countries.

Venezuela is also known for its pretty women, many of whom have won beauty pageants in the past. Venezuela generally experiences a tropical climate with hot and humid weather in the lowlands and cool and comfortable weather in the highlands. There is a variation in the temperature with change in altitude.


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The country is beautiful with some of the best tourist attractions in the world. Barquisumesto is one of the oldest and largest cities of Venezuela. 8t is known for its beautiful architecture influenced by the Spanish art and culture. You can roam around the streets of the city and witness its beauty. The sunsets here are lovely and something you can’t miss. Carupano, situated on the ridge of the Caribbean, is one of the most beautiful place you can visit during early February. The place has a moderate and pleasant weather and is known for all the carnival programs that take place there.

The country is pretty active when it come stop their sports choices. Though football has gained a lot of popularity over years, the main and most celebrated sport of Venezuela still is baseball. Since the country is primarily a Roman Catholic country, it celebrates its festivals with great vigor. The carnivals are something you should be visiting to witness the spirit of the country. People love drinking, eating and making merry. Guys and girls here are casual and chilled. They can be good friends and great company if you are looking for having fun in the country.

One of the most trending love stories Right now is that of an Indian guy and a Venezuelan girl. They both started talking over social media around 6 years back. The guy is from Kochi, Kerala in India, and the girl is from Venezuela. They soon became good friends and kept talking to each other over social media. After 6 years of contact, the girl decided to meet the guy and she came down to India. Here they decided to tie a knot with the blessings of their elders. The love story shows that there can be no barriers when you fall in love. When Venezuelans decide that they are sure, they are sure.

As we already mentioned, the water, air and food of Venezuela are responsible for the beauty of women in this country. This is the reason why they have won Miss Universe pageants six times till date. This also proved that they are beauty with brains.

Men are equally hot and handsome. The best part about dating in Venezuela is that the couples are not dominating. Things are pretty chilled in the sense that men can go out chilling with their guy friends and have fun without their wives or girlfriends getting mad on them. You can always expect a casual date, fling or a good holiday romance when you are in Venezuela. Guys and girls are easily approachable and fun to hang out with.

However, besides casual love, if a Venezuelan is sure about someone, he or she is going to take the relationship forward without any hesitation. So, it’s a blessing in disguise. Venezuela is a mixed blend of everything you would want to experience in a new country. Come fall in love with the people, the places, the falls, the beaches and the food. Good luck to you!

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|Published on September 28, 2019