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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About France!

France is located in Western Europe and celebrates a unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic government. It extends its boundaries connecting seas and forms a hexagon in its territory. France covers a total area of 640,679 square kilometers with a total population of 67,186,638. Employees in France receive their salaries in Euros which is used all over the country. The official language of France is French and holds a French nationality. The major population of France follows Christianity as their religion and a few percentages of people are Muslims.

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France economy holds a position of sixth largest according to nominal Gross Domestic Product with an amount of 36,854.97 US dollars per capita. The major sector of the population in France is employed in machinery, metallurgy, textiles, electronics, food processing etc. France receives a high ratio of its economic growth via tourism.

Summers in France is hottest during the month of July with an average temperature of 20 degree Celsius and witnesses its coldest days during the month of January. The temperature falls down to 5 degree Celsius with cool winds and shivering hands. People like to dress up in trends following bright colors, amazing designs during summers and springs. Winters accounts for a layer of clothes that covers each and every part of the body including ears. Most of the beautiful places in France are photographed extra ordinal showing a heavenly place. The Eiffel Tower in Paris attracts a lot of couples who come and spend time there. Many couples even include traveling to Paris on their to-do list of following their “relationship goals”. From its festival city Cannes that has a number of palm trees to Lyon, France is extraordinarily beautiful.

French morning starts with breakfast including baguette layered with jam that they usually soak coffee or tea. People move out of their houses for earnings and spend their time in offices during working hours. Weekends in France never goes vague, people involve themselves in a lot of activities. These include gardening, music, dance, picnics and most important cooking. A lot of people including men love to cook in France and justifies it completely. They love playing football and often spend time watching soccer matches. Youngsters love exploring themselves and spend their time chit-chatting with friends on social networking or meeting them more often.

France holds a strong history of love and its people who sacrificed for it. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI set examples for all couples who were married at an early age, yet understood the true essence of their relationship.

French people are polite and friendly. They make amazing lovers and hold pride in their loyalty. French people respect food and find it sacred. At times French people can be sarcastic but never intend to hurt people. French are gracious and generous while inviting people to host them. Most of them love to drink together and party, conversations always keep them united. French people do not like being judged, they have a love for their accent which is pretty genuine. Most of the people in France come across several stereotype questions which they do not like answering. They are always friendly and encourage people who keep faith in them.

French Women likes to spark the interest in the opposite sex and is notorious in nature. They like to communicate in her own language, so it becomes a necessity for her partner to learn the same language instead of expecting her to fit in other country’s communication zone. French women always like it when men make her feel comfortable, whether it’s about dropping her back home or introducing her to his new friends.

French men are usually charming. They know how to treat their lady and are very good to play with words. A French man finds it easy to approach people even when they are strangers. They do not depend completely on future but try living more into the present. From their food to accent, French men think of themselves as a superior and do not like it when they are questioned.

It is often important in a relationship to keep the liveliness and charm. A dull relationship is never successful no matter how trustworthy the partner is.

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|Published on September 28, 2019