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Greece is a country that lies in the south of Europe. The country is surrounded by the borders of the Aegean Seas and Ionian seas. This country holds a landmass of 131,957 square kilometers with varying proportion of land and water. It celebrates a sundry culture encompassing the West and East of this country. A high proportion of the population of this country follows a western culture where democracy plays an important role.

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A lot of people communicate in its official language which is Greek. Greek was believed to be discovered from ancient mudstones where huntsman crafted Greek letters on it. The economy of this country is considered as the 51st largest nominal according to Gross Domestic Product with an amount of $200.690 billion per capita. A lot of its economic growth depends on the number of international tourists that walk in the country and this country also stands a good position in ship marketing and shipbuilding.

This country receives a high temperature during summers resembling the Mediterranean. The temperature varies even in the smaller cities of the countries with a high difference in its temperatures. People here prefer wearing casual clothes. Women here are usually dressed in curves enhancing attires. These dresses make them look fabulous. Athens usually holds a special love for bright colors and they pick one during flowery spring to flaunt their bodies. This country is no less than a nirvana where each of destination accounts its beauty. One can never compare any place in this country on the grounds of its beauty The beaches are sandily surrounded by ancient history. Thassos in Greece is considered as the gem of the Aegean Sea with its ancient history.

Athens people follow a conceptual routine from waking up early and going to their work. During weekends people love spending time with their friends. A lot of youngsters here are involved in sports like soccer and basketball. There are a lot of people who are engaged with artworks and spend their life depicting the beauty of earth on canvas.

People living here are usually very punctual. Almost every individual here may hold a sound knowledge of the history of their country and holds a pride in it. A lot of them believe in “good looks” and for this, they shape their body with regular exercises and a nourishing diet. People of this country are usually the best competitors when it comes to challenges. An Athen does everything to hold his country’s prestige and thus accept challenges with a free spirit. People here are open to physical touch and do not form perceptions about one another easily.

Women in Greece are beautiful and they always prefer their nails done. A Greece woman always wants someone to play hard to get her even when she likes that person. Women here do not like guys keeping up to themselves when they wish to gossip about something. One can never get bored if he is a conversationalist as greek girls love talking on all sort of topics. Going to parties always interesting with a woman from this country as they love to dance and enjoy with their partner. Greek girls know what to wear on what occasion and thus turn out to be the best stylist for the whole family. A lot of them hold a deep love for culture and shows a sincerity towards it.

Greek men always love to be entitled as a “good one “and always put some extra efforts to earn it. They are always supportive of their partner. Greek men prefer dating girls who are much familiar with the modern way of styling and know how to keep herself in the crowd. They like to treat their lady with equality and give equal priority to her in their family. They believe in truth and accepts all the hardship that they may face because of it. Thus, a Greece man always wants his lady to never think twice before telling the truth and keeping him away from all the lies.

Orpheus and Eurydice who are the epitome of love for the whole country have blessed Greece with people who know the real meaning of love and thus value it. Dating a person from Greece means being with a loyal and trustworthy person.

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