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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Hong Kong!

Hong Kong. A Traveler’s paradise. Hong Kong is the first country that comes to your mind the moment you utter the word “shopping”. The cultural and economic history of Hong Kong is mainly influenced by it’s geographical location. It is made of two islands that make sits a natural port for Guangdong province in China. It has seen growth and development of centuries. It wasn’t a very populated country earlier. However, years of growth has made Hong Kong one of the largest financial hubs today.

Some of the popular cities of Hong Kong include Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong kok and Wan Chai. Each of them are known for their distinct features. Because of the wonderful location, Hong Kong has a number of places you can visit. Victoria Peak, which is Tsim S the biggest skyline with a 360 degree viewing platform, is a stop to numerous hotels and restaurants. You can get amazing sunset views from here.


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You can take a trip to Victoria harbor and also witness the biggest light and sound show from there which has it’s record in the Guinness book. The whole country has beautiful roads and markets with graffiti on the walls of the streets. You can go for walks and dates to various places. Hong Kong had a British influence for a long time. Hence, sports like golf, horse racing, badminton and basketball are pretty popular among the people.

People here love to eat different type of dishes which range from road side stalls to fine dining restaurants. Hong Kong ia pretty familiar with a number of dating applications. However, since the country is very fast and always working, it is rather difficult to find out time to go out with someone at times. Since men in Hong Kong are doing really well professionally, they always expect something great out of their partners as well. If you planning to date a guy from Hong Kong, you got to make sure that you are well settled as well. Men in Hong Kong also pass their time by talking about different celebrities and movie actors.

Any conversation you have with a guy, somewhere or the other this topic is going to come in. Hence, make sure you have some idea about it. Girls in Hong Kong are out of those fairy tales. They are pretty, petite, fair and good looking. This is one of the the reasons why people all over the r the world find them really hot and appealing. Women are not behind when it comes to the professional sphere as well. Most of the women are well educated and independent. They are extremely fashionable and know how to take care of their appearance.

One of the problems Hong Kong is facing now is the widening gap between the sex ratio of boys and girls. It can be seen that over the years, the number of females are more than males. So, if you are a guy who is from outside and wants to date a girl from Hong Kong, it’s a win-win situation for you. There is one unique thing about Hong Kong that is the smells all around you. A very vague sweet smell will tickle your nose as you walk down the streets of Hong Kong.

As already mentioned, Hong Kong has pretty girls and cute guys. Though the idea of long term relationships is not very prevalent, you find people you can go out with. Hence, Hong Kong can be the ultimate shopping spree for you along with some lovely company and you never know, may be your love story will find a way.

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|Published on September 28, 2019