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Indonesia is a country with a vivid color of religions. There are at least 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia with their own culture that follows and falls under the category of world’s fourth most populated country. The mass of Indonesia is covered with Muslim communities and others are an amalgamation of similar castes and customs. It has a stunning natural beauty which amazes people all around.

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The country itself holds a distinctive pride in holding the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Indonesia's weather can be split into two seasons majorly, wet and dry.

Indonesia has a very rich culture and people here are humble. People here generally sit on low platforms while having their meals, they prefer eating with their hands and they respect each bit of the food. They eat rice three times in a day and follow this routine on regular basis. People in Indonesia believe in the simplicity of life and are generally humble. They hold a high precision in case of directions. People here generally own small shops and yet earn well.

People of Indonesia are simple and they do not really like to be judged. They strongly believe in helping others. The country sometimes look likes a paradise with cowboys. There are handsome men riding horses for pass time that hold a strong physique. Indonesian men generally seek for girls that are loyal and hardly counts for the looks. This can be easily derived from the stories of the old couple Indonesian couple Habibie and Ainun that emulated loyalty and love.

Indonesians are friendly to everyone but people here generally have a low culture of public queues and are very lethargic towards it. It is often discouraged to stay together before marriage and living relationships in some villages of Indonesia are even a crime.

Most women in Indonesia looks for a well-settled guy, and here outlook hardly pays a role same as in case of men. Here, women would always look forward to being respectful and boast about their relationship. They at times can be very humorous and sometimes are very superstitious. People here like to stay in groups and often criticize individualism. Indonesians have both dusky skins as well as a white skin.

Relationships in Indonesia are often very open and people like to discuss their relationship with their friends and colleagues. To most Indonesians, public affection is considered inappropriate. Men are expected to take the first step towards love as women in Indonesia are shy and are expected to be reserved. It is often expected to propose “I love you” if you want the relationship to be a formal one. In most cases, men are supposed to pay the bills at dates. In Indonesia, the family's approval is highly important for any relationship and it helps for any couple to take the relationship to marriage.

Indonesians have a strong affection for the family and they obey each other. They strongly believe in working as a team and living as a community together. The laws in Indonesia are mandatory for people to follow it with dignity and with pride.

The women in Indonesia are always loving and caring and confide in their partner. She will always look at her husband in the one she is dating and would expect him to marry her. People in Indonesia take relationships on a very serious note and obey it. So in case if someone dates an Indonesian, he needs to make sure that he is pretty much sure for a long-term relationship before he takes the first towards a relationship.

Indonesia always marks a relationship of enormous loyalty and its because of the culture that it follows. It’s sometimes okay if the woman doesn’t take the first step. After all it’s about two people being together at last.

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