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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Iraq!

Iraq is located in Western Asia. This beautiful country is surrounded by the borders of Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. The country is recognized as the center of civilization holding a republic government. It covers an area of 437,072 square kilometers and holds 58th rank in the whole world. The country encouraged Neanderthal culture between 65,000 BC and 35,000 BC. The nation is considered as a Muslim nation and people of Iraq accepts Arabic and Kurdish as its official language.

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It adopts the culture of ancient Mesopotamia and Sumer. Dance has always played an important role in the culture of this country and its traditional music maqam. Predominated by the oil sector, Iraq has a tremendous growth in its economy by foreign exports. It holds gross development product of $17,000 per capita. A major employment here is engaged in petroleum, chemical, textiles, food processing, and fertilizers.

The weather of this place is usually hot it is a hot and dry country. There is a dearth of water due to lesser rains. A high amount of water is evaporated during the summers. People in Iraq prefer to wear loose breathable clothes during summer carried out of cotton which easily soaks sweat. Iraqis in urban areas wear western style clothing while in rural areas people wear dishdashas and trousers. For all the wanderers and photographers, Iraq is a blessing. The country has a blend of landscapes from their ever stretching deserts to its greener national parks.

People here follow a strict routine, staying up early and going to bed early is what every individual of Iraq follows. They love eating beef and cooks it in three different ways. People here work hard all day long and usually spend weekends with their families. A lot of people love to dance and dedicated their weekend to music. Major Iraqis are involved in poetry which they represent as a music and is famous worldwide. They strictly follow their religion and believe in it. A lot of people in Iraq like to spend their time watching soccer and enjoy playing it. This sport is famous worldwide and almost every Iraqis have an interest in it.

People here are welcoming and generous. An Iraqi is the best host for parties and love enjoying. People here are social and always have warmth. They are very friendly to tourists and work hard for the progress. They love meat and nearly every individual love having meat as food on his plate. Iraqis do not get influenced easily unless they really want to. Iraqis believe in trust and grow very offensive when cheated in any relationship. The love poems in Sumerian that had been written 4000 ago sets a beautiful example of love residing in the country itself.

Women of this country are naturally beautiful here. From their long lashes to deep eyes, there is something in Iraqi women that attracts a lot of men. A woman here is brought up with all the ethics and emphasizing the importance of values. An Iraqi woman is always faithful and sees the world in her partner and family. She loves to take care of others and they are extra sweet. Many of them are very feminine when it comes to make-up. These women is always hard working. They always value money and believe it is hard-earned. This doesn’t turn them to be a miser but they value money a lot.

Iraqi men don’t like their woman being too frank with any other guy except them. A man from this country always expects his women to confide in him and do not think about anyone else except him.

Instead of the stereotype of having a conservative culture, many Iraqis find the forever love of their life. They confide in each other and value one another. It is important to maintain trust and value any relationship and keep the true essence of love. People of Iraq are the perfect choice for choosing a life partner.

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|Published on September 28, 2019