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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Kuwait!

Kuwait- A beautiful Arabian country in this world Kuwait, one of the oil-rich countries in the Arabian Peninsula, borders the northwestern part of Persian Gulf. With more than 3 million population, Kuwait has a consistent relationship with lots of other countries for global trade. Due to the large amount of oil production, Kuwait has grown its economy by partnering with adjacent countries. Culturally, Kuwait is slight conservative, and you may find a touch of Arabic Islamism in the everyday life. Kuwait is one of the desert countries, and you can find hot, dry climate throughout a year. On the summer season, there is very little rainfall. The rainfall is also very low during the winter season.

You may enjoy the pleasant weather condition on the months between March and May. At the heart of Kuwait, different beautiful cities have grown up. Safat is one of the tourists’ destination, where you can find museums, Al-Hashemi II, Green Island, Maharaja Palace and Al-Shaab Sea Club. Hawalli is also the most known Kuwait province.


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For the enthusiastic shoppers, Salmiya in Kuwait is the best place. Salmiya has lots of other things to offer you. You can visit cinema hall, amusement park and mosques. To enjoy a view of underground lakes, you may rusk to Wafra. Lots of conventional games are popular among the Kuwaitis. For instance, Kuwaitis love playing Al-lagsa, a game of jacks. The players have to bounce their ball and try to grab higher number to jacks. Taq-taq-taqiah is another local game in that country. Al-Haila is also one of the interesting games, having similarity to British Hopscotch. Lots of kids love to play with Al-Danbak, a kind of musical instrument.

On different religious and national ceremonies, women perform Al-Fareesa, a type of dance in Kuwait. Al-Khamary is another form of Kuwaiti dance, where the dancer covers her face and shake her shoulders.

Most of the tourists enjoy the culinary world of Kuwait. Kuwaiti cuisine combines Mediterranean, Indian, Persian and Arabian culinary traits. One of the rice recipes, machboos is very common to the residents in Kuwait. There are also seafood recipes, like safi and zbaidi. The hot beverages, enjoyed by the Kuwaitis are, Sharbat Baithan, Arabic coffee and Karak tea. There are several other unique facts that may increase your interest on Kuwait. On the summer season, men in Kuwait put on Dishdasha, a type of white dress. On the cool winter season, they wear woolen Dashdashas. While you are in Kuwait, you have to know the meaning of the term- Hijab. It doesn’t denote any scarf. It is a piece for the purpose of covering or hiding.

In most of houses in Kuwait, you can find a hall. The houses of rich families include separate hall, known as Al-Diwaniya”. The hall remains isolated from all other sites in the house. The friends, neighbors and guests are invited at this hall to speak about various topics. Diwaniya is the major door, and it remains open throughout a day.

Kuwaitis love spending their spare time by socializing with their pals and relatives. In Kuwait, there is a norm of arranged marriages among all the educated and elite class families. The mother of a guy has a right for choosing the daughter-in-law. Usually, Kuwaiti women do not get permission of marrying any non-Muslim guy. At the time of engagement, the fiancée must not leave the home. The groom’s father offer this fiancée a Daza- an amount of money for buying nuptial gift. Daza also comprises garments, blankets and bed sheets.

Thus, these are the important details on Kuwait and its society. You may visit Kuwait to know more of its local residents.

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