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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Malaysia!

Malaysia being a country in the South East Asia receives so much of attention from the point of view of the tourists. It has got its origin from Malay Kingdoms which also explains the reason why half of the population of the country is still Malay language speaking people. Owing to the natural resources, growing sectors like education, health, medical and tourism which has only been expanding since independence, Malaysia has the best economic records and it’s GDP grows at an annual average of 6.5%. Since the country is surrounded by oceans so the humidity level is high.

And, when you see rains which you categorise as storms then you should just call it “Rains”. Because the people here are used so much used to those stormy days that they have the definition of Rains to it. Also, the temperature keeps moderating because of the native oceans. If you check the statistical records of how many tourists visit the country in a year, then the figures are going to surprise because that is something huge in number.


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There is a reason why Malaysia stands out from the other countries of the South East Asia. Kuala Lumpur being the capital city deserves much attention not just because of the fact that is the gateway to Malaysia but because of the historical ground it holds. Like the largest Hindu Temple, which is the Batu Caves. Whether you have a luxurious stay plan or basic one, you can find everything as per your need here. Putrajaya even after being the centre of Federal Administration with tall buildings is known for its greenery.

The beautiful places have a long list to go because right from sea and beach type to mountains and greenery department, Malaysia has it all. Cameron Highlands, Tioman, Mount Kinabalu, Perhentian Islands etc. are a few of the famous places tourist don’t want to miss. Even though Malaysia got its origin from the Malay Kingdoms, but the country is not just populated with the Malay population. It has a mixed population of Chinese, Muslims, Indians and Malays. Even the culture of this country is multicultural.

The Government declares the literature of this country to be of different languages. Yet, English is the official language because of which tourists never face any problem in communicating with the locals. The country is largely based on the Islamic culture, so you must know the Islamic rules and regulations even though it is the most open Islamic countries in the world. The Milo drink is the best served and the most preferred drink of the country.

Do you need a cup of hot chocolate? Here is your malt Milo drink. Every café has their special Milo drink and you mustn’t miss it. Now, the cuisine of this country is based on its cultural diversity so, thumbs up because you get to taste variety of delicious cuisines. Right from Chinese dishes to special Ramadan food to the taste of Malay flavours, one has the advantage to try everything that the country has to offer. You can start your day with a great Portuguese breakfast from local cafes and food joints. Don’t forget mixing with the people of the country because the Malaysian population is very much open to new people. You never know that a good local friend you made can invite you for a Friday dinner at their place.

Also, the Malaysia is one of the top countries where people are the friendliest ones on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Happy Friendship day in advance because Malaysians are the most brutally honest and sweet people you are going to befriend. Last but not the least is the young, charming and smart population of Malaysia, that is the Boys and the Girls.

You are to likely to find couples here who are way beyond the Chinese-Muslim or Malay-Indian combination. But be careful when it comes to displaying some public affection, owing to the Islamic culture you are not supposed to kiss or show any other form of love/affection in the public. Yes, you can hold hands.

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|Published on September 28, 2019