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Love is the most beautiful feeling that exists. The small things that one do for you, someone who loves you for all your flaws and your imperfections. Crossing the paths together when your eyes meet her and you fall for her. No, you are not unfortunate if you didn’t cross the path yet. There is someone who is always waiting for you, maybe someone outside your country. Morocco is a country located in North Africa. The country shares its borders with the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Sharing a rich heritage, the country inhabits 35,740,000 people among whom most of the people follow the Sunni Islamic religion.


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People here generally communicate with each other in the official language Arabic and Berber. The economy of this country is relatively liberal which is constantly growing. People who live here witness a diverse temperature. Neither a refrigerating cold nor a melting warm the country has the temperature which keeps varying. A warm day has a cool night to comfort people. Women here often wear less revealing clothes that cover their skin and often use a thin cloth to cover their head. Like any other country, winters are cold and thus camisoles become a must.

Morocco holds a beauty that can never go unpraised. The deserts with camels walking each step, to the green stretched forests everything is just mesmerizing. People in Morocco love to spend time with oneself. They enjoy life to the fullest. They spend enough time in cafes talking to their friends. Most of the people live a relaxed life. Youth here spend a lot of time watching their favorite TV shows. Sports like athletics, basketball, handball, and soccer are the most played by people that enjoy it completely.

For the people of Morocco, love is the strongest feeling that exists. They date people who have faith in it. A most of them do not believe in increasing the number of counts of their relationships and believe in giving a hundred percent to the single percent. They have an interesting social life and their acquaintances are their friends too. It’s not very easy to influence them, they believe in what they know and what actually they want to believe. They love feeding themselves and do not always go for strong muscles and regular biceps at the cost of food. Women here are very interesting. They do not really involve themselves in girl gossips and believe in reality. Talking senseless stuff doesn’t really entertain them.

Women in Morocco are passionate about love and dedicate themselves to it. Doing things for their partner always keep them happy and they always love it when receiving the same. She loves to pay her expenses and do not like to completely depend on her partner for every little thing. Men here like to enjoy life with their lady. They do not bother their women for the morning coffees and never mind preparing a cup for their ladies. Moroccan men always make sure that his women always keep her stomach full and do not value curves just to attract him.

A man of Morocco loves to hold his women in public and making them feel that they are important in their life. A little token of love, with little efforts, sprinkled in it. They love to share their life with their partners and trust them completely. A lot of them know how to cook, not just the fast two-minute noodles but to actually cook. The strong moods can make them your musicians and they always try to maintain the beautiful smile on their women’s face. It’s not always important to wear the perfect eye-liner just to please your men or the strong puffed biceps for your women.

Love is all about accepting the flaws and praising the little perfections. If you are dating a person from Morocco, you are lucky. They won't just love your good things but will also love you for your flaws.

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|Published on September 28, 2019