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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Nigeria!

Nigeria is a country which is located in the West of Africa. Holding Africa’s longest bridge the country marks a number of unique things that make a country a site to watch. The country is a behemoth to Africa accounting a total of 923,768 square kilometers of land. There is a diversity followed by different ethnic groups that are inhabitant to the country. People communicate with each other in a number of languages like Birom, Edo, Ibibio etc with English used by major people.

Markets in the country are still into its emerging phase. Thus, the country holds a middle-economy with a people coming from all family backgrounds. There is average rain in the north part of Nigeria followed by drastic heat throughout. The temperature remains high with burning sun. People in this country wear casual clothes.


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Women here usually prefer wearing bright tops and draped long skirts. People use coverings while going out in sun and protect themselves from tans. The country is equipped with all kind of natural resources. The vegetation seems to breathe life and attracts an eye to it. There are many national parks in this country like Yankari national park that has around 350 species living in it. A lot of youth in Nigeria start working at a very early age.

The country has a high population of youths that do not just study but try adding up to the growth of the economy. They leave their house early for work. Many of them avail for a part-time job to carry out their own expenses. They find weekends as a time of leisure and spend most of their time with friends. Youths watch soccer and play it more often. The food habits of Nigerians involve a lot of porridge and meat. They often use their hands to eat rice with meat curry. One can easily find a strong woman in this country who hold their babies with just one hand.

People in Nigeria are extremely funny. They have a strange love for their titles and often call each other using it. They like to keep things loud, loud music is often their favorite in any event or celebrations. One can never ignore the fact that Nigerians are very hardworking, they have strong willpower and determination towards their work. No matter what family a person comes from, he is always respected. People of this country know how to respect each other and expect the same in return. Dating Nigerian women is often a great experience. They like guys who are stable and can carry their expenses too.

A person of this country often expects their partner to pray before food, after food and follow the customs very strictly. They are raised up with the fact that must be the best homemakers and keep their families happy. There is always a need for stability in a relationship with a woman of this country. This counts for both financial as well as emotional stability. You can always expect unpredicted visits to your place while dating a woman here as they believe in keeping up with the community and socializing. There is certain of status in life of Nigerian men.

You can expect him to come straight to you and ask you for a date. They are very good at grabbing a girl’s attention and know what exactly to say when it’s about getting her. Meat is just a need for him. The way to his heart goes through his stomach, so make sure you know how to cook it. Never expect him to lend his years if he is watching soccer. They love soccer to the extreme and just do not disturb him in between. You can expect him to pray more often than any other men. Relationship with Nigerians is a bliss, but make sure the moves you make when you are in one

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|Published on September 28, 2019