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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Philippines!

Philippines. The Pearl of Orient Seas. A Spanish colony over three hundred years, Philippines, the pearl of the Orient Seas, was named after King Philip II. It was initially represented by the Malays. However, later on, it was mainly headed by the Spanish administrators. This empire was highly dependent on the Catholic Church for spreading Spanish culture all over the state. It initially didn’t welcome the Chinese for a long time. Finally, it had to accept the Chinese population for better functioning of the state. The climate here is generally hot.

The whole weather cycle can be divided into hot and dry seasons. You would experience the heat from March to October and rains from November to February. Some places experience rain throughout the year. Some of the famous cities of Philippines are Iloilo City, Metro Cebu, Bacolod City and Davao City. Iloilo City is one of the most lively and happening cities of Philippines.


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You find all the famous landmarks here which are filled with people throughout the year. If you love shopping, Metro Cebu is the place to be. The football capital of the country, Bacolod City has been voted as the best place to stay here. It is also known for it’s varied food culture. Some of the must visits are Samal islands, Palawan Underground river and the vanishing islands. The most played sport in the country is basketball. It owns legends like Robert Jaworski and James Yap. Apart from this, people also play football and boxing as prominent sports activities.

This place is characterized by four cultural heritages: European, Asian, Mexican and American. Hence, it has a number of artists, painters, folk artists, mural artists and sculptors. You will find a number of galleries showcasing different regional art works. Nightlife in Philippines is something you should be looking forward to. The youngsters of the country love partying and hanging out in cafes, bars and discos. You will find some of the best diving spots here.

Filipinos are romantic people. History is a witness that most of the relationships here are long term. Boys and girls love going out on dates. Casual dates and one night stands are there as well. Talking of love stories and long term relationships, how can we miss out Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera. The legendary love story is marked by the first meeting of both of them at the age of thirteen.

Love bloomed as they both started growing up. They kept sending each other letters as Rizal started roaming the world. Eventually Rivera’s parents got her married forcefully elsewhere. Though she live as someone else’s wife all her life, before her death, she requested to be buried with his letters. Now that is what you call soulful love. This has been prevalent even today with boys and girls believing in the concept of true love. In Philippines, generally men ask women out for date.

Relationships are rather soft and romantic with a lot of going out and polite conversations. Since Filipinos love food so much, you will find food as a third person in all your dates. If we talk about looks, Filipinos girls and boys can turn heads. Boys are handsome and hot with a mix of genes of different countries.

Girls are pretty and beautiful. Both boys and girls are great conversation starters and makers. The beauty of the country can be found in their appearance as well. If you are looking for girls or boys who love food, love talking about sports, love catching up and don’t mind falling in love that would end them a lifetime, Philippines is the place to be and Filipinos are your people.

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|Published on September 28, 2019