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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Poland!

Poland is located in the east-western part of the Europe. As of now 3.79 crore residents currently live in the country. The official capital of Poland is known as Warsaw. Warsaw has a vibrant architecture that showcases the vivid history of the country. Poland is highly developed country and is the product of its 1000 year old history and geography. It shares many of its festivities with other European countries. Andrzejki (All Saints’ Day) is one unique festival celebrated just in Poland.

From being the 8th largest economy in the European Union to having a GDP growth of 4.2 %, Poland has come a long way. Poland is also a pioneer in producing chemicals. The mixed economic system of Poland gives it some amount of private freedom. The climate in Poland is moderate. July is the hottest and January witnesses the coolest months.


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Poland bustles with many famous cities which have a unique tourist attraction of their own, some of them are listed here:-

  1. Malbork
  2. Lublin
  3. Bialowieza Forest
  4. Torun
  5. Tatra National Park
  6. Poznan
  7. Wroclaw
  8. Gdansk
  9. Warsaw
  10. Krakow

Poland is known for its tourist attractions, some of the places worth visiting are:-

  1. Wawel Castle
  2. Auschwitz-Birkenau
  3. Masurian Lakeland
  4. Slowinski Sand Dunes
  5. Malbork Castle
  6. Wieliczka Salt Mine
  7. Bialowieza Forest
  8. Gdansk Old Town
  9. Warsaw Old Market Place
  10. Main Market Square

Youth in Poland work hard to achieve great heights in terms of education. Besides that they indulge in hanging out with friends, eating out, playing, and going on adventures. The youth believes in a committed relationship. They even date a lot! Some rules to keep in mind while going on a date are: Never offer yellow flowers to the girl, always be on time, mirror your date and always walk your date to public transport!

Unique things about Poland:-

  • The word Poland or Polska means “people living in open fields”
  • The history of Poland is the most complicated ever!
  • Warsaw was completely destroyed during world war second and subsequently restores, today it stands tall and beautiful
  • The Polish TV is dubbed by one man!
  • In Poland they celebrate name day

Poland boasts beautiful love bridges and many other places made for Valentine’s Day celebrations. From romantic spas beaches to couple massages, couples can have the best time. Dating culture in Poland is beautiful with lights and good food!

Pole people are one of a kind, some habits of polish people are:-

  • Polish men are fond of women and give them special attention while in public transports or other places to ensure whether they are comfortable or not
  • Poland has the least number of divorces because people love having a family and the society of Poland comprises extreme family value system.
  • Polish people have a high self-esteem and are grounded, people
  • They are well aware of their value system and stick to it always!
  • Polish men and women take utmost care of their nature.
  • Polish people have a special place in heart for their deceased ones, they regularly visit the graveyard and talk to their deceased loved ones.

Poland is full of beautiful men and women. Men in Poland are very romantic and admire women a lot. Moreover, even women sometimes flirt with the men. The romantic tourist destinations of Poland add more weight to the beauty of the city other than its people. With art and beauty everywhere, dating someone from Poland will be one of the best experiences of your life ever.

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