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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Portugal!

The Portugal is situated in the southern part of the Europe. In total 10,282,818 residents live in the country. Lisbon (Lisboa) is the official capital of Portugal and dates back to almost 1200 BC. It is said, Lisbon is one of the most well-preserved and picturesque cities in this world. The culture of Portugal is the result of a complicated flow of various civilizations. With strong family ethics, Portugal is more of a Roman Catholic country. The rich culture is influenced from various other cultures like Lusitanian, Germanic, Viking and a many more.

The GDP of Portugal as on 2016 was USD 20,456.47 crore as per World Bank reports. The economic growth in Portugal is quite robust and it is a service-based economy. Tourism industry is flourishing in the country which caters to the economy too. While July (24° C) is the hottest month of the year in Portugal, January (12°C) is said to be the coolest. December experiences the most rainfall about an average of 117.2mm.


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Some pristine cities and towns to visit in Portugal are:-

  1. Tavira, a traditional beach Tow
  2. Coimbra, university Town
  3. Sesimbra, beautiful beach resort
  4. Evora, Historic Town
  5. Guimarães
  6. Vila Nova de Milfontes and the Alentejo Coastline
  7. Sintra
  8. Lagos
  9. Porto

Most beautiful places of Portugal are:-

  • Lisbon – Portugal’s postcard-perfect capital
  • Douro Valley – Portugal’s most scenic wine regions
  • Aveiro – Portugal’s answer to Venice
  • Obidos – one of the prettiest towns in Portugal
  • Cascais – cosmopolitan coastal resort
  • Praia da Marinha – iconically beautiful beach
  • Marvao – tranquil and pretty hilltop town
  • Salema – historic village turned popular coastal resort
  • Evora – world heritage site town

Youth of Portugal involves themselves in creating beautiful art, playing latest games, eating at unique and popular eateries. The youth is also quite involved in dating. Dating culture in Portugal is beautiful and full of chauvinism. Usually, an invitation to a date comes from the man. Even a girl can invite but it is extremely important to make prior arrangements for both the genders. Portuguese men should never be late on a date, however the woman is given the liberty to be a few minutes late. Moreover the man should pay for the food and for the taxi in which the girl heads back home irrespective of the feminism taking rounds. Portuguese men are reserved people. They don’t hug at first sight, might just shake hands!

Some unique facts about Portugal are:-

  1. Portuguese is the official language of eight other countries outside of Portugal
  2. The earliest recorded hot air balloon ascent was in Portugal
  3. Women in Portugal live six years longer than men
  4. The biggest wave ever surfed was in Portugal
  5. Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese
  6. Portugal is a world leader in renewable energy
  7. The world’s largest omelet was made in Portugal

The diverse landscape and stunning beaches are perfect sports for romantic vacations in Portugal. Couples love exploring places in Portugal and have a good time together! Habits of Portuguese people:-

  1. Accepting that 10–15 minutes late is being on time
  2. Can’t have dinner without wine
  3. Love traveling the most
  4. Love bathing in the sun for a long time

The men and women of Portugal are beautiful in their own way. The romantic tourist destinations of Portugal add more weight to the beauty of the city other than its people. With art and beauty everywhere, dating someone from Portugal will be one of the best experiences of your life ever.

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|Published on September 28, 2019