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How interesting it is to reply to someone “I LOVE YOU TOO” in some other language? To make them fall for your language, your culture, and for you. Having a partner who belongs to different culture, a different country is always a thrill.


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Romania is a country located in South Eastern Europe. Comprising a compile of most romantic poems that the country has presented to a number of unique views that It counts. The country is truly bilingual with a number of diverse languages where Romanian stands as the official language of the country. Most of them hold Romanian citizenship and encompasses a population of around 19,638,000 along with other ethnic groups that include Hungarian, Germans, Ukrainians, and Roma. Most of the people belong to the upper-middle class families where its economy shows a tremendous growth.

Romania is one of the countries of Europe that receives a good amount of summer heats. The weather is never partial, it’s all flowery during springs with cool winds blowing during winters. Though it receives unpredictable rains all throughout the year. People wear easy and breathable clothes during summers that do not smell much sweat. Cotton is the best preferable during summers and woolens during all winters. The Black sea of Romania with blue lights looks like a mermaid’s beauty.

Romania has a lot of students living in the country. Following a youth’s trend, most of them love to party, booze and have fun at clubs. A lot of them spend their spare time surfing on the internet and dating people digitally. They watch basketball matches during weekends and even love playing it. A lot of them possess a good height by indulging in sports and activities.

Dating a Romanian can make you learn a lot of new words. Learning some interesting words in Romanian and there you are ready to go. They hold an interest in knowing about different cultures, languages, and religions. They have an open mind and most of them who love to explore. It is often suggested to climb each step with patience when it comes to dating a Romanian. They prefer opening up with each other after a few numbers of meeting and opening all your cards in a single go is just not a good thing to play.

Women in Romania are open to approach. They always love listening to stories from a different culture and they listen it so active that they never blink an eye. One should be smart enough while giving gifts, big gifts are not expected all the time. Small gifts that can easily bring a smile to her face is always good. It shows the love and concern that a man possesses towards his lady and thus making her feel immensely happy. Woman of this country always likes it when her boyfriend behaves good with her mother and gives her equal importance. Putting just some little efforts can always help you conquer her heart and make her all yours.

Romanian men always have a certain high level of affection towards their family. A Romanian man loves it when his girl pays some attention towards his family and notice their details praising them. He always praises his lady and encourages her for whatever she does. He respects his personal spaces and gives her a plenty of time to spare with herself. These men always know the difference between a good gift and just a big gift. They take care of their lady’s personal choices and thus chooses the best for her. He loves taking his girl for frequent outings on dates and makes her smile all the moments she spends with him.

From ‘Tin la tine’ (I really care about you) to ‘tu esti sufletul meu pereche’ (you are my heart and my soul) is just a very beautiful time. Each moment is just very special to make the relationship most beautiful.

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