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Saudi Arabia is an Arab nation which is located in Western Asia. It is recognized as the birthplace of Islam encompassing two most venerated mosques. The country has a strong belief in Islam inheriting a culture that strictly follows Islamic religion and customs. The country is occupied by people who speak in Arabic and involves a total population of 33,000,000 square kilometers.

The country is deserted completely with no existence of river. Holding the biggest economy in the Arab world the country has strong hands in oil exports and camel trading. Blessed with natural resources, the completely has a strong economic growth that results in less poverty throughout the nation. The country is driven by utmost heat. The country stretches big deserts with less rainfall.


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People wear Arabic dress which comprises of thobes carried out of polyester fabric. These thobes are breathable and comfortable to resist the temperature throughout out the year. The existence of flora and fauna in deserts of Saudi Arabia are eye-catching. The days are bright with a lot of camels walking n sandy desert. The dunes fold up to mountains that look extremely beautiful. There are big royal families with high living standards that live in the country. The country holds armed forces that involve a high economic sector of Saudi Arabia.

People shut their shops during prayers and stay inside until it gets over. There are fewer cinemas in Saudi Arabia thus youths do not spend much time to party. They spend time with each other and socialize with one another. Investing their time in prayers, the youth follow their customs enthusiastically. They dance and sing together during festivals. People in Saudi Arabia believe in equal rights except for one thing which is driving.

Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive, no matter if they learn it or know it. There is a lot of feminism that resides in the country with a plenty of women. There is not a going out culture in Saudi Arabia. Thus people confide inside the family or the people they know. For women in Saudi Arabia, it is very important for the right man to enter into their life. They often look for good family status and standards that could easily match with that of hers. It is important for them to keep information about the country and religion of their men and thus becomes very important that you don’t really fake it. A most of them love shopping and thus malls become their favorite place to spend time. In their traditional dresses, they love to work with their make-up.

Men in Saudi Arabia hold a high pride in their women. It is often important for a woman to know his religion, his customs, and traditions. They are very inclined towards their family and thus it is very important that their women maintain a strong bond with their family too. Any involvements of their woman in any other man except him make them grow possessive and insecure. They love to treat their lady with equality and respect. Good and delicious food is often a shortcut to their heart.

Saudi Arabia is a country but it also accounts for people who know the real meaning of love. They believe in staying with a single and giving them their hundred percent. A single tire cannot pull any vehicle and same goes with two people in any relationship. They know how to carry a long-term relationship and keep the love in the relationship. They know how to keep the true faith in one another making a happy relationship. People know the value of love and the beloved too.

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|Published on September 28, 2019