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A relationship is not just about the comfort zone that a male and female share with one another. It’s not about the number of times they hit sex. A relationship is about the extra efforts that you put, to receive that comfort zone and the moves that you make for one another. Surviving distance teach the value of love and in fact, it teaches you a lot when your partner is not of the same nationality.

Slovakia is a country which resides in the center of Europe. Reserving its culture and history of the country has a number of remarkable ancient wooden altar. The capital of this country is distinct as it holds borders of two countries Austria and Hungary. Having a rich geographical region, the country encompasses an area of 49,035 square kilometers.


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There is a concoction of religions that people follow in this country with most of them speaking to each other in the Slovak language. The country does not experience much hunger as it is the richest country in the European Union. Like any other countries, Slovakia also receives its coldest weather in January when roads get covered with snow. People here wear warm clothes to comfort their body temperature and move out on roads skiing.

There is something historical about the beauty of the country. Surrounding a number of castles built long back, there is still a historical presence that exists. The carved caves and the healthy vegetation increase the living standards in Slovenia attracting a lot of tourists in the country. People living in Slovakia follow a stiff routine. They leave early for work and a lead a tedious work schedule with a number of coffee breaks.

They love to talk about soccer and weekends are definitely planned for matches either with cousins or friends. A certain love for flowers attracts them towards gardening and most of them own a kitchen garden which takes much of their time in maintenance. Slovakians are very friendly and confident species. They love to test your brains before they can count you as one in their friend list. They do not like moving very quick in any relationship but always prefer knowing each other better before moving a further step.

Their mouths are really watery for fried cheese. Ordering bread crumbs dipped in fried cheese at a date will make you hit a good impression on a first date. Women of this country are just the God’s beautiful creation. They have a natural blush on their cheeks with a confident smile. They love to hold their own expenses and work. They always love to put their views forward. Like every other woman, she loves to take care of her partner and pay little efforts to please her partner. Wearing a sexy dress for a man’s attention is just not their thing. They like to dress simple and decent. They like men who hold dignity and are trustworthy. If you think that big gifts can impress these women, then you are certainly wrong.

Women in Slovakia love beautiful flowers and chocolates. A little effort on greeting cards with handy crayon works will definitely do wonders. Men here know how to give importance to their partner. They are the best partners with an extra spoon of love and care. They believe in personal spaces and thus wouldn’t move around you all the time to check your social networking friend lists and updates. If women earn more than his men in Slovakia, then it's not just a big matter. Men of this country are open and accept their partners working.

One can always expect good appreciations for the new recipes you try for them and do not really points to the mistakes. If your heart respond to each other, then there’s nothing in the world that can stop you. Dating a person from Slovakia is fun. They are open-minded and won't let you get bored in the relationship. You can speak your heart out with them without thinking twice and they will accept you for this.

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|Published on September 28, 2019