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South Africa also known as the Republic of South Africa is situated in the southern part of Africa. Renowned for its multi-ethnic status, it showcases a series of cultural aspects, linguistic attributes and religions. The authentic African culture can be evidently found in those who are still thriving under poverty conditions, rest of the African individuals of late have undergone urbanization due to the impact of the modern world. Therefore, a vast majority of South Africans exhibit the modus vivendi as that of the North America, Australasia and Western Europe.

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South Africa is one of the most prosperous economy of Africa, it entails to possess a mixed economy and it lacks a thriving economy too. It consists of a high GDP per capita with that of the other countries based in Saharan Africa.

It is also categorized in the first 10 countries of the world that shows up income inequality. South Africa was also ranked by the FDI magazine with respect to aspects such as labour, cost efficiency, Foreign Direct Investments etc., Basically, South Africa is better-known for its temperate climate since it is present amid the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and towards the Southern Hemisphere in the direction of the equator.

South Africa also presents diverse climatic zones due to its diverse topography too. The most fascinating and spectacular cities of South Africa include, Cape Town for its amazing seaside playscapes; Johannesburg - well-known for its unlimited entertainment, Durban- for its mesmerizing nightlife, beaches etc., Pretoria- for its best museums and monumental ambiences, also this place is popular for sports and entertainment, Kimberley- known for its awe-striking mine museums including the Great Hole of Kimberley. There is an ample number of entertainment centres for the youth in South Africa, especially in Cape Town for a varied set of games, fun events etc.

There are also other options to relish the moments while the individuals play the traditional South African games such as diketo, lintonga, musangwe, yo-yo, masgalombe, hula hooping etc. For eateries, places like Johannesburg has a stock of eating joints, these can be dating joints too, such as The NEWTOWN MARKET POTATO SHED, District Six Eatery, Pablo Eggs Go Bar, People's Republic of Noodles, Baha Taco etc. The most unique aspects of South Africa are, this is one such country that is known to have hosted events such as Soccer, Cricket, Rugby World Cup etc. South Africa is one such country that, interestingly, has three capital cities - Cape Town (Legislative), Pretoria (Administrative), and Bloemfontein (Judicial).

The state of apartheid that exhibited the rule of the whites for a period of 50 years and finally in the year 1994, Nelson Mandela was chosen as the first black president of South Africa. South Africa is also known for the many real-life romantic stories such as the most scandalous love story between Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams that is known to a host of South Africans, and the same was termed as the greatest love story in the history of South Africa.

The popular British actor David Oyelowo was so much connected to the real-life story that he had tried his might in the movie making of this real-life incident. South Africans are also known for handling certain etiquettes such as meeting etiquettes, gift giving etiquettes, dining etiquettes, business etiquettes, dress etiquettes that are followed in a unique way by the individuals.

South African too has many boys who are handsome and girls those who are beautiful. Many reports cite that South Africa is one such countries that has an immense number of handsome lads and pretty and gorgeous ladies that adds another feather to the cap of the respective country. Hence South Africa is one such country that is impressive in its own way.

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|Published on September 28, 2019