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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Thailand!

Thailand is a country which sites in the South of Asia. The spirituality of Lord Buddha is followed by a lot of people residing in Thailand. The land is considered to be as free as a bird where people emigrate to find peace. From home to the smallest mammal on earth to that large population of monks it accommodates around 6.89 crores. A large section of people here practices Buddhism with other communities that join the group.

People of this country communicate with each other in Thai accompanied by other languages like Isan and Pak Tai which is spoken by some people in the country. The economy of this country has a growth graph and depends upon its exports and tourism. There is humidity in the weather of Thailand which is witnessed throughout the year. The temperature rises higher during summers with sunshine covering a major area of the country. People here prefer to wear fashionable clothes which are pretty relaxing and comfortable.


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All kind of fabrics is used for different kind of dresses, having long flea markets that witness a lot of tourist crowd. There is a peace that is comprised of Thailand’s nature. People come here to enjoy their vacations, they come here to relax their mind and find their true soul. Krabi is one of the most beautiful places in the country which is no less than any wonder on Earth. People here follow a culture of waking up early with the rays of the sun. Many people of this country practice Buddhism and thus follow their routine in monasteries.

They follow a healthy routine by indulging themselves in sports and riding a bicycle. A lot of them explore forests and spend time with nature. Youths of this country are involved in parties and enjoy with one another. Thai parties are very exciting. A lot of them love to share Thai drinks and the food. People in Thailand are real peacemakers. There are fewer fights in neighborhoods and always share warmth with one another.

They always look at the strangers with smiling faces and exchange smiles. Most of them are early birds and work very hard from the beginning of the day. People in Thailand have a faith in the history of the country and believes that has been carried over years. It is often important for the other people to respect their feelings and mind not to question it. They greet people with respect by joining hands and expect the same. This greeting is called “wai” and is offered considered as the first step to friendship. A man with dirty hands or nails should never approach women of Thailand.

A Thai woman is very particular about hygiene and personal care. She never entertains guys who are lazy when it comes to bathing or keeping themselves clean. She always keeps an eye on the time and thus it is very important to inculcate a habit of being punctual with proper planning. She does not like hustle in any plans or trips. It is often important to show the Gentleman’s behavior here. Pulling a chair for her, or passing the menu to make her order are the small little things that will make her attracted towards you.

Self-respect and Self-discipline are very important for any Thai woman. It is often lucky to have a Thai man as your partner. They are always gallant with extra sugar coated words for you. They have a very calm nature, frustration is just not their cup of tea. From long shopping lists to infinite tantrums Thai men are always patient if they actually love you. A Thai man always knows his lady’s choice irrespective of the product. A man from Thailand will also know your favorite lipstick shade and the dress you prefer. They are over- pampering and very caring.

Men here always support their partner and even their partner's family. While dating him, your personal space will be very important to him and thus he will always take care of it. A relationship with people from Thailand is always a synonym to forever love. They will never let you feel sophisticated in the relationship.

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