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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Turkey!

Turkey has a diverse heterogeneous culture which is extracted from various multi-ethnic and multi-religious state. Eighty percent of people here speak Turkish while the other twenty percent use Kurdish including other languages like Arabic and Circassian. The country has a high population of Muslims and major population in Turks follow Islamic religion. According to the Central Intelligence Agency World facts book, Turkey is among the world’s most developed country and it holds the seventeenth largest nominal gross development production in the whole world.

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Turkey holds a distinctive weather. People here sometimes experience heavy snowfall and on the other hand, they may face a scorching sun during the summers. People prefer wearing breathable lightweight clothes made of fabric like cotton to resist the sun. Turkey is a hub of the beautiful landscapes including high mountains, beaches and turquoise seascapes which look beautiful in the sunshine.

Many Turkish people find themselves involved in social activities like campaigning while a high ratio of youth like watching T.V. The outside world is left to men and women in Turkey prefer staying back at home and complete the household chores. Most of the men are involved in Soccer which is a famous game there while less number of girls are interested in sports.

People in Turkey are very religious and they follow their religious customs very strictly. They do Islam pray five times a day. Girls and Children still believe in Santa Claus here, as originally Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) was born in Turkey. The best gift for any Turkish could be the white tulips which symbolize peace. One can easily find firmness and mannerism equipped in people all over Turkey. Greeting people here and paying respect is one of the values inculcated in every Turkish.

Women in Turkey are found to be exceptionally beautiful and some of them are even considered as the most beautiful women in the world. They are open to date men of any race and are open-minded.

Some of them may wear a perfect layer of makeup but they also hold a natural radiant beauty. They owe a simple and earthy smile and one can easily fall for their eyes. Turkish girls like to experiment with their hairstyles and look beautiful at any time. Women generally hate guys speaking in an obnoxious manner, so in an order to impress one, you need to think before you speak.

On the other hand, any Turkish guy may come up with all the qualities including romantic, handsome and cute are all wrapped in one. They are generally persistent and pay extra attention to your words. They are easy to strike up a conversation with and at times may get highly insecure.

People in Turkey spend time building a relationship and expect the same from their partner. They like sharing personal matters and discourage spaces. Friendly behavior is always welcomed by people and they love answering the questions about their family. Evening meals in Turkey are accompanied by alcohol and they prefer eating chicken as desserts. Turks in a relationship don’t demand gift but may expect a date at dine. People generally follow having a deep conversation to know each other best and try paying fewer formalities. To make a Turkey person happy, one can take pastries (especially Baklava) for a date and chocolates too.

People tend to help each other and make stronger bonds. The protocol of Turkey is hospitality and during any date, Turks always prefer splitting it rather than paying it independently. Following a long-term relationship with a Turk, it becomes important to remember the trait of being loyal as they pay deep affection to any relationship and thus expect the same. It is a mandate to develop a strong sincerity, dependence, and confidence between the two.


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|Published on September 28, 2019