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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About United Arab Emirates!

The Middle East is one of the best places for business and among that all that one country which stands out for the modernisation is none other than the United Arab Emirates. Comprising of a diverse society, the country has got a rich culture. Post the British rule, the country saw great advancements in term of economy growth. It is a federation of seven emirates. They are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujaira and Umm Al-Qaiwain. It is basically a Muslim dominant country, but it is tolerant towards other religion as well. Being an Arab country, it is a member of the Gulf Operation Council. The clothing of the country is part of heritage as well.

Emirati clothing is a real source of honour and pride for the citizens of this country. The economy mainly depends on the export of the oil which is great asset for this country. Along with oil, it exports other petroleum products and the there is no slump in the economy of the country. Technology and skilled labour have made a wonder to this country.


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The spectacular view from the tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai, will give your eyes a true sensation of the soothing beauty that the city holds. Don’t get surprised when you find yourself among the greenery of the Dubai Miracle Garden where the landscape will make you mesmerised. Next is the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is a must visit for all kinds of tourists. Its impeccable beauty and the craftsmanship will surely make you wonder. Next is the Sharjah Arts Museum in the heart of the famous city of Sharjah which is especially dedicated for the Emirates.

The country has a desert climate along with mild winters with scorching summer and sultry days. Your visit to this country won’t be suffice without trying the traditional Emirati food. Your taste buds would be enriched when you get to taste the delicacies of goat and camel. Then there is Harees which is mainly served in wedding. Another mouth-watering stew is the Thereed.

Football is one of the major sports that is played here followed by Cricket. No can forget the iconic Sharjah Cup back in the late 90’s. Other games which are practised are Horse Racing along with Tennis. The place has been a home for music, dance, and poetry for several decades in the earlier days. Recently, paintings and literature have gained the popularity here. The nomadic people have been in the exploring the land of UAE for over two thousand years. There was once a time when people were very much keen for pearl diving and fishing in leisure hours. The country has played a pivotal network in the section of trade for the Persian countries, India and East Africa.

The Emirates are ruled by each family with a unique culture and heritage. The backbone of the country- Oil was discovered in the 1960s. Each family owns almost huge acres of date palms. Normally people here prefer to collect perfume for every occasion like for sports, party, lunch and many more. They do not shake hands while greeting one another. The people prefer to wear Abaya which is a long black traditional dress.

The people here are very hospitable and would welcome guests with coffee and dates. During the month of Ramadan an outsider should also follow the rituals that other Muslim people follow. They should avoid eating in public as the locals fast from sunrise to sunset every day. Night life is awesome in the main cities like Dubai where the younger generation normally hangout. You can make many new friends but make sure that you do not involve yourself in any wrong deeds.

Dubai is the perfect destination for honey moon with your better half which would include Marina Dinner Cruise to just give you a kick-start. Hurry up and explore!

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|Published on September 28, 2019