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The United States of America follows a western-culture which is followed by its dialect, music, arts, and cuisines. It shows a high diversity of its clothes to art forms with the republic in thoughts and mindsets. The country is a melting pot that potteries the flavors of different customs with the best of its ingredients. The country has an overall population of 325 billion with a heartbeat been born every second.

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There is no fixed language that Americans speak but there is rather a blend of languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, Germany etc. English in the USA binds people with each other and thus it fills the gap of communication between them. USA has the largest economy by Gross Domestic Product which is actually very high. From arts to Science and Technology there is no sector that USA has left to innovate with along with the best marketing skills to glorify its industries.

Like the works,the weather here also varies from north to south. People prefer wearing casual yet stylish clothes in summers and they follow a good fashion trend during winters too. Lined pants or jeans are the best suited for them during winters which they pair up with stylish footwear making it look meticulous. America is best suited for road trips where people like exploring nature and introspecting themselves. From high mountains to deep lakes, the beauty keeps extending one after another and is yet everlasting. From clean roads in the cities to beautiful houses that stands across the roadsides depicts the best vision of a beautiful drama. The Horseshoe bend in the USA is always a must to watch for all its travelers who file different memories there.

The best part about America is its people who are worth praising. Americans have a very successful routine. From waking early in the morning to going for a cycle ride is what counts for a routine of every American individual. People in America share a warmth and they are always welcoming. They have a high power of acceptance from short clothes to individuals thoughts which makes the country even more beautiful. Any person standing beside a road with a map in his hand will never get lost in America. People in America believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day with love and follow the gift culture. The country signifies love which is visible from Shakespeare’s famous drama Romeo and Juliet. This drama still holds a special corner in a mass. Romeo and Juliet's drama teaches the liveliness of love and the everlasting feeling of being loved.

Women of the USA are open-minded and one can easily speak their heart through. They are never shy while talking about sex and dealing with one's emotional affairs. Women here are extensively beautiful with a distinct charm. From blonde to brunette every girl follows hygiene here and holds the eternal beauty. Women here believe in a long-term relationship and would do every effort to maintain it. Demanding loyalty from her mate one would always be caring and loving.

American guys like girls who are hard to crack. They just love to go on date with a girl who takes longer to fall into a relationship and takes a linear step to build the transparency in love. American men want his woman to speak a lot, but also the “right stuff” at the right moment. They are self-assured and can do anything to please his lady. He would like to grab his lady in public and make her enjoy every moment of life. They want their partner to be independent and do their own stuff. They would expect you to act smart in the critical situations and would emphasize you to take a stand for yourself. This guy will praise all your curves and will make you fall for yourself.

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Relationship with any American is worth living in as they respect each other choices. They enjoy each other’s company more than just a formal relationship and would want you to stay happy no matter what. The choice of love for any American never goes with color, but with the heart.

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