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Uzbekistan in a country present in the South-Centre of Asia. Laying its frontiers with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan the country is officially named as the Republic of Uzbekistan. The nation holds strong cultural beliefs with a rich heritage. The mass population here comes from the Muslim community where Christians and Zoroastrians accompany them. Commonly people speak Uzbek and Russian throughout the country. The value of flag and its ancient history is a major pride that the country holds.

The country is led by a middle-class economy with most of its people working hard to earn its growth. Unlike winters in Uzbekistan that receives very low temperature, summers are dry. Many people visit this amazing place for trekking and hiking in summers.


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People here wear hidebound clothes with women dressed in traditional attires that covers her completely. Light colors are preferred throughout the country with less skin-fit stuff. There is a classic beauty that the country holds. People here prefer looking classy over casual look. The landscapes are diverse in nature with welcome surroundings. There are several old pilgrimages in this country that are worth watching. People all over the world come to see Samarkand and experience the true beauty. There is a trend of Muslim vodka throughout the country. There are giant and watery melons that can be easily found in Uzbekistan.

This place has a culture of morning tea which is followed by people from ages. Tea is like their favorite thing. Green tea, black tea, Uzbek tea and nearly every color of the tea is known by people. The religious breeze flows in the country and thus people wake early to offer prayers before turning out for their routines. Weekends are derived from leisure and fun that bring the families as well as friends together.

They spend time with each other discussing life either in coffee shops, picnic spots or just sitting t home. The youth of the country spend their time going out hiking or just spend time partying in clubs. People in Uzbekistan are ethnic. Nearly all of them are inclined to their tradition which they follow very strictly.

They love cooking delicious food and offering it. The country is a true heaven for meat eaters as people cook excellent recipes of meat. People are quite friendly and welcoming. They are sometimes conservative and thus it is very important to mind words in any conversation. They do not like being questioned about their belief and traditions and thus one should make sure that he respects it. People from any other culture are welcomed with open hearts here and they expect the same in return.

Women in Uzbekistan have an angelic beauty that one cannot ignore. From fine cheekbones to perfect curves, one can find it lucky to stand next to her. It is very important to keep the seriousness of any relationship in mind before dating any woman from Uzbekistan. One has to understand the importance of culture and the importance of woman in the country. Women here have great respect. They find it a responsibility to look after the family and other households. Preaching for the love they always make efforts for their men in order to keep them happy. They often expect men to approach her and do not disclose her feelings very easily.

Men from Uzbekistan treat their women very special. One can always expect them to pull your chair on a date or hold your hand while you walk down the staircase. They find it a responsibility to take care of the whole family and your small little wants are always their priority. They have limits to friendship and thus do not like their women being over friendly with anyone of opposite sex. They always expect their women to know about their religion and follow it with all her heart.

They are very future-oriented when it comes to a relationship. You can always expect them to take you home once they are sure about you. Dating a person from Uzbekistan can never go wrong. They will never disrespect you and cheat on your back, instead, if the relationship goes for the long term it can be turned into forever.

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|Published on September 28, 2019